Mock Forensic Sample Packs


InnoGenomicsGFJC and InnoGenomics have teamed up to offer mock forensic sample packs to support your in-house DNA training. Our consistent, quality-controlled samples allow your training to be efficient and thorough. Sample packs were developed to GFJC’s full DNA Analyst training specifications and provide practice in all required aspects of traditional DNA analysis processes.

Sample Packs
Each pack comes with a variety of 69 professionally prepared samples:

  • Realistic sample types and DNA sources i.e. semen, blood, saliva and hair
  • Single source, semen/female mixtures, 2- and 3-person mixtures
  • Body fluid mixture samples
  • Variety of substrates
  • Samples containing PCR inhibitors
  • Degraded and low-level samples
  • 2 mock cases with realistic scenarios

Our sample packs come with answer key, meet all applicable SWGDAM and ISO standards, and require no refrigeration. Our sample packs come with only an autosomal STR answer key. They do not come with Y-STR or Mitochondrial answer keys.



DNA Analyst TrainingBenefits for Your Laboratory
Purchasing professionally-prepared sample packs saves the time and effort required to produce a variety of samples in-house. There is no need to seek out and/or purchase anonymous donations or grapple with potential lack of quality control or possible legal/privacy challenges to your training program.

Need more?
GFJC can provide your laboratory with complete DNA Analyst training and the support materials you need to complete training :

  • DNA Analyst online training
  • Exercise instructors
  • Module support or fully customized training

Contact us at forensics@fiu.edu for more information.