Want to host a training?

We’ll bring the training to you! It’s more affordable in groups, so why not work with other agencies in your area to host a course? Drop us a line at workwithgfjc@fiu.edu to see how we can work together to bring training to your area.

Hosting agency requirements:

  • Must agree to work with GFJC to promote and coordinate registration to meet a minimum class size of 10 students.  For every nine paying students, the host agency will receive one FREE seat.
  • Provide an adequate training facility for the size of class desired,  with movable chairs and tables.
  • Provide additional space for scenarios and hands-on activities (if required)
  • Provide power and basic audio/visual equipment in the training room
  • Agree to receive and hold shipments of materials prior to the course, if needed.

GFJC@FIU will provide:

  • All training materials, including handbooks, hands-on materials, etc.
  • Instructor(s), travel and lodging
  • Access to online training and assessments, if required
Extracting liquids under a fume hood in the NFSTC lab.
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