Free Guides for the Professional Investigator

GFJC, through our founding component centers, has worked in cooperation with the federal agencies and private organizations over the past decade to provide services including training, consulting, technology assessments, sexual assault kit support, needs assessments and focus groups. Through these programs, we have developed much-needed community and practitioner resources, now available to all.

Free Drug Safety Training for First Responders

The Academic-based Drug Field Testing and Training Initiative is a Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) program designed to train law enforcement officers on how to collect, preserve and test illicit drugs in the field. Enroll here.

GFJC’s online CSI courses can be used in combination with your in-house training program, or use our instructors to bring high-quality training to your whole team.

Rapid DNA

Custom modules and agendas available for agencies and non-scientists. Download Rapid DNA flyer here.

Build Your DNA Analyst Training

In-person training developed for your protocols and equipment, in your labs or ours. Download DNA Analyst flyer here.

Our mock forensic sample packs support your training and provide practice in all required aspects of traditional DNA analysis processes.

Please contact forensics@fiu.edu for information and quotes.

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