Academic-Based Drug Field Testing And Training Initiative

The Academic-based Drug Field Testing and Training Initiative is a Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) program designed to train law enforcement officers on how to collect, preserve and test illicit drugs in the field. Registration is open ONLY to first responders. Please email forensics@fiu.edu with any questions.

First responders can register for the FREE online course here.

The continuously evolving illicit drug market creates unprecedented challenges for law enforcement seizing unknown drugs, forensic laboratories testing for controlled substances, and the court system to adjudicate drug cases.

There are legitimate concerns for officer safety when encountering unknown substances suspected to be illicit drugs in the field. The constant evolution of illicit drugs creates a need for advanced training and education to protect officers from the potential lethality of some drugs and unknown substances.

This program is a guide to help law enforcement agencies understand the parameters for field testing illicit substances. It is not meant to cover every aspect but instead focuses on key subject areas to consider during field testing. It’s important to note that departmental policies and the legal landscape in specific jurisdictions will influence the implementation of this type of program.

Media inquiries, please contact Michelle Chernicoff, Communications Program Director, mchernic@fiu.edu.

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