Fundamentals of Investigative Genetic Genealogy (July 2022)


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July 11-15, 2022

Join forensic genetic genealogy experts for this week-long, in-person intensive training in Denver, Colorado.

The class will also tour the state-of-the-art Denver Crime Lab.

Course Overview:

  • Day 1: Introduction to DNA terminology and GEDmatch.com Overview; Terms of Service for DNA websites
  • Day 2: GEDmatch.com Matches, Genetic Groups, DNA Painter
  • Day 3: Genealogy Basics – Introduction to Ancestry.com, Tree Building for Law Enforcement; Research, Genealogy Standards
  • Day 4: Genealogy for Use by Law Enforcement (Ownership, Back-Up, WayPoints, Most Recent Common Ancestors, Quick & Dirty Trees)
  • Day 5: Matches from FamilyTreeDNA.com; Genetic Affairs, WATO, Investigative Leads



  • Joan Hanlon

Guest Speakers:

  • Greggory LaBerge
  • Mitch Morrissey
  • Kevin Lord
  • Matthew Hanagan